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Shelf Elf Stretch Run

You’d think it would be easy to blog a little more often with piping hot, fresh material every morning, but for Pete’s sake, it’s all I can do to keep hiding and posing the elf –  blogging just adds another layer I can’t keep… Continue Reading “Shelf Elf Stretch Run”

Who’s Ready for More Shelf Elf

Well, last night was nearly a Elf on the Shelf disaster and it wasn’t until this morning while making coffee I was like, “oh, no …Elf on the Shelf didn’t move!” It was a mad dash and desperate attempt to make things right, so… Continue Reading “Who’s Ready for More Shelf Elf”

More Shelf Elf

I think a really good Shelf Elf idea would be for the kids to wake up and find their elf was running a cock fighting racket in our basement. But have you priced roosters, lately? And while I find nothing morally wrong about staging… Continue Reading “More Shelf Elf”