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Things I Did: Took a Vacation

I needed a vacation. I needed time with my kids and my wife. I needed to clear my head and stare at the water for a while. I needed to cruise around a lake on a pontoon without sunscreen while holding an icy cold… Continue Reading “Things I Did: Took a Vacation”

Things I Did: Vacation Videos as DVD (Home Movie Tips)

In the brief history of Kaleidoscopic Raygun, I’ve dedicated the majority of entries to discussing coffee and shooting home movies. I know how to make a great cup of coffee. Conversely, I am less than pleased at my ability to make good home movies.… Continue Reading “Things I Did: Vacation Videos as DVD (Home Movie Tips)”

Things I Love: A Fresh Perspective

Whilst on vacation, I captured lots and lots of video. Usually I video tape (“digitally capture” is what it should be called these days, I guess) very little. So what, you ask? Stop me if I’ve mentioned this before, but when my Mom passed… Continue Reading “Things I Love: A Fresh Perspective”

Things I Love: Good Coffee, Always

So you stuck around for a second entry? Thanks. I promise, I’m going to clean up this place. Do you think I want white font on a kaleidoscope background? No, I do not. My web designer (also known as “me”) is on vacation. Speaking… Continue Reading “Things I Love: Good Coffee, Always”