I’ve lost some weight. I’ve exercised every day (not quite 44-minutes, but I’m getting there). I’ve moved a whole belt loop. My skin looks good. The 44th day of 2017 will be Monday, February 13th and I’ll make a “First-44 Days” analysis (kinda like how the media is big on Trump’s “First 100 Days” and tracking everything).

For someone just stumbling onto this blog, my #Project44 coincides with my turning 44 years old this year, and how I’m designing my year around the number 44. If you want to read all about #Project44’s origin, go here.

My most recent list looked like this:

  • Bimg_5880e in bed by 9:44 or 10:44
  • Wake up at 4:44 or 5:44 (depending on when I went to bed) and 6:44 on weekends
  • Work up to 44 pull-ups
  • Do 44 push-ups daily
  • Publish 44 pieces of social media daily weekly around my career and passions
  • Exercise for 44 minutes daily (even if 22 minutes in the a.m., and 22 minutes at night)
  • Listen (or read) something motivating 44-minutes each day
  • Make calls (cold-calls) at 8:44 a.m. for 44-minutes (this might be evolving into starting my day at 8:44 a.m.)
  • Get my weight to 144
  • 44 new business calls per month (11 per week)
  • Increase my billing by 44% (and my income by the same)

I’m probably hitting about 44% of the goals, which sucks, but I’m not giving up. #Project44 won’t be an overnight success, even though I wanted it to be.

But the year is young and I think 44-years-old is fairly, young, too.

Have you picked your magic number, yet?

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