I’m not breaking any news, here, but my sister shared this video with me and I can’t stop thinking about it and, actually, can’t stop thinking about how it applies to my 13, 12, and 10 year old? Hell …how does it apply to me? Based on Simon Sinek‘s observations, I’m morphing into a Millennial. So is my wife. So is my sister.

If you have 15-minutes, watch it.

I wonder if it’s true, or he just makes it sound like it’s true.  My sister showed it to her 12 and 11 year old. I immediately thought, “I’m going to show it to my kids,” and then I thought, well, maybe I won’t. Maybe I’ll figure out how to make them undo what they’ve done (or what I’ve allowed them to do).

Is it an epidemic, or just the new reality? I grew up in the 80s in the dawn of cable and MTV and Nickelodeon, and when Atari evolved into the Commodore 64 which evolved into Nintendo and then Sega Genesis. I spent …so …much …time …watching TV and playing video games. I’m sure my generation was labeled an older people said we were ruining ourselves. Is the video an overreaction to something new that will pass? Or should I really think about the irreparable harm that devices and social media might be having on my kids and will they be depressed and suicidal?

Or should I trick them by saying, “only a 1/2-hour of devices at night and NO DEVICES within a half hour of bedtime?”  Should I limit devices on the weekend? I spent the hours of 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. almost every Saturday morning watching Saturday morning cartoons. I spend, I’ll bet, and hour or more every day after school watching cartoons. I had a favorite sitcom or show every night of the week and always watched a show before bed.

It’s not just Millenials with that cell phones in meetings – that’s everyone.

Anyway, really, really interesting.

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