#Project44 #Pullups2 #Sadness

It’s not all feel-good and “yay me” on the #Project44 experiment. This morning, I wanted to see how many pull-ups I could do.

Here’s a multiple choice quiz…

Tomorrow I’ll reveal the answer and I’ll probably tell you about how I can’t raise my hands above my waist, but let’s just say if you select “3”, you’re being generous.

I tried the pull-ups where my palms were facing me, because I thought the wide-grip palms-facing-away was more for getting a ripped upper back. Where pull-ups with palms facing toward my face is all about my bi-ceps.

Two pull-ups!!!  Back in the day I could do 20+, and it didn’t matter if palms faced away or palms faced toward me.

(I know, I seem to be obsessed with palm direction).

I pull-up-under-hand-gripmight be hoping to do a collective 44 pull-ups by the end of the year. Or end of February (2 pull-ups per day, 28 days in February …oh, I can get there). Then I got a chair and did some reverse-resistance (I don’t know if that’s an actual exercise term) pull-ups where I jump into the pull-up position and then as slowly as I can, lower myself until my arms are hanging straight, then I jump back into the pull-up position and slowly lower myself. And I did this until I could no longer “slowly” lower myself and until I would just drop.  I hope you’re following this, because I won’t be posting a how-to YouTube video on this old-man/weak-man exercise routine.

My shoulders, back, bi-ceps, and tri-cep are still quivering and tomorrow as I struggle to shampoo my head (because I’m pretty certain I won’t be able to move my arms), pray for me.

Oh, and “44 social media posts per day” is evolving into “44 passion and work related social media posts per week, with a strategy.”

Thanks for following along and pretending to care.

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