Ice Shower? Yes. Seriously.

Every morning when I turn on my shower, I turn on only the cold-water. Nope. I don’t even turn on the hot at all. I’m not doing luke-warm. I’m doing ice cold.

I gave up “hot showers” for Lent.

Why? Because I’m crazy. And, as I’ve established previously, I do anything and everything Tim Ferriss says. He wrote 4-Hour Work Week and …well …um, I obviously didn’t do it quite right because I’m not sitting in a hammock on Gulf Shores managing four start-ups – but I did get something out of it.What? That there’s a faster, more efficient way to do everything and I’m always trying to “hack my life” to fit more stuff into the same amount of time.

So when Tim Ferriss wrote 4-Hour Body, I was first in line.

He says ice cold showers that bring on shivering are good in many ways. Accelerates fat loss. Increases alertness. Strengthens the body’s immune system.

I really had big intentions for Lent, and it seems the only thing I really did well was take ice cold showers.

Here’s a couple links about this cold shower thing.

Benefits of Taking a Cold Shower

Hacking Your Sleep

That’s all I got. I told someone today, “hey, you’re a blogger …I’m a blogger,” and then when they asked, “oh, what’s your blog?” . . . well, I sheepishly gave her this blog’s URL and then felt ashamed all day that, um, no I’m really a semi-retired blogger.

But, like with everything, the journey of a million miles (or words in the case of a blogger) starts with a single keystroke.

Tomorrow I’ll analyze my “Best Lent Ever” and either (a) publicly lie about what a great job I did or (b) publicly admit I kinda bailed on Lent (except for the cold showers …of all things I’d stick to, it was cold showers).

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2 Comments on “Ice Shower? Yes. Seriously.

  1. For reasons I won’t go into, I’ve developed the muscle to handle cold showers. I don’t do them enough, hardly ever, but as always, you’ve given me food for thought

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