Granite City Food and Brew in Northville GRAND OPENING!

Full disclosure …yes, this is a client but, hey, sometimes I’m lucky enough to work with really, really cool clients. Enter Granite City Food and Brewery opening this week in Northville, MI. Every time I’ve tried to get into the one in Troy, MI, it’s been packed and I regret I still haven’t eaten or drunken (or is it “dranken”) there.

Anyway, there’s a new location in Northville and tomorrow (Tuesday) is a V.I.P. event (which you can win entry into here) and then Wednesday is the big grand opening for the public. Um, I’ll be there both nights …but it doesn’t mean I have a problem. And I’m probably going to buy a growler-full o’ their beer. Which, for those scoring at home, will mean I’ll have three growlers in my possession, and that’s crazy because up until about a month-and-a-half ago, I was more of a Molson-in-a-bottle type guy. Now? Just call me Donnie-Growler or Donnie-Craft-Brew (just don’t ask me what I like in a craft brew, or which is my favorite brewery, and why I like what I like …I’m primarily in love with the idea of a growler).

Channel955 is going to be at the grand opening on Wednesday (6p8p). That’s always fun. Oh, and you can win a dinner-for-4 here or text ‘CITY’ to 9-5-5-0-0 and possibly win a $50 gift-card.

Maybe I’ll see you. Oh, and below is Spike talking about it. Enjoy.

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