I Love Don Week 2017, Part 1

Just because I haven’t Blogged anything about I Love Don Week, it doesn’t mean it’s not happening and isn’t amazing. I guess you could say I’ve taken I Love Don Week underground and now it’s a sorta cult type thing. People are toooootally into it and give me gifts and praise me, just like normal, but it’s, like, veeeery exclusive.

Side note. Did you see how I wrote “tooooootally” and “veeeeeery”? When you write something you’re going to say slowly, make sure you’re multiplying the correct letter. There’s a woman at work who would write those as “totallyyyyyyyyyyy” and “verrrrrrrrrry” but if you said those out loud, it wouldn’t be the effect you were hoping for.

OK. Back to me and I Love Don Week. For those new to this worldwide phenomenon, I Love Don Week is the 6 days prior to my birthday (July 11th). I looooooove my birthday, but one day didn’t seem like enough, and when I heard my brother-in-law had invented a week for himself, and when I started Blogging and embraced social media and saw how our narcissistic society was evolving, it seemed to me just posting on Facebook wasn’t enough. I needed lists, and daily updates, and demands for praise.

Here we are, already on the fifth day of I Love Don Week, which amazingly kicks off on July 4th and everyone shoots off fireworks to mark the start of the week, and this is my first Blog entry on me and my week.

It’s been quite fantastic, so far. First, I got a black iPhone-to-USB connector chord to replace my ugly, awful white chord. I get it, Apple. Your thing is white. But my thing is black and pretty much every day I hopped in my car and had to plug a white chord into my iPhone and that white chord just sat there looking awful in my black car with black leather interior – it’s been hell. Now I have a black chord, and it looks much better.

Then, my daughter picked out some loud socks, which is still trendy, and an Independence Day themed Old English “D” t-shirt that I can wear once a year (or maybe I can wear it on Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day). A t-shirt and socks, you ask? Isn’t that kinda cheap and insignificant? Hey! My 10-year-old picked it out, and I’m not going to yell at her for lack of effort and value.

On Day-2, as a gift to myself, I joined Dollar Shave Club and almost 90% of the reason I picked Dollar Shave Club was because of the video the founder has on the home page (embedded below).

Day-3, my wife bought two fantastic outdoor chairs for my deck that match the existing outdoor couch and table almost exactly. We toasted me with a whisky-gingerale as we sat in said chairs.

And then, on Day-4, my wife bought me a new desk. I had a “writing desk” but it was black and didn’t fit the new color scheme of our family room. Yes. I love black but I had to give-in on this one, because the kitchen into the great room is all brown tones, and the black didn’t work. Hence, a white desk. And the desk is better because it’s built to hide my PC tower, has drawers and cabinets (my “writer’s desk” didn’t) and my son and I can’t wait to build it and hide all the wires and make it ‘simple.’ That’s a big thing with some desk/computer people. My son and I actually follow a few ultimate-desk set-up fans on Instagram (examples here).

Day-5 will be building that desk and having people over for drinks and bonfire.

Want to get involved? Comment below. Send me an Amazon gift card. Buy me a new pair of Bedphones, or send me coffee. If you need ideas, Tweet me at @donkowalewski.

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