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Yesterday was All Souls Day and I was invited by my Aunt to attend an evening Mass with her where my Uncle Jerry would be called by name and we all would pray for his soul, again. I miss him. But having him in my life made me a better person, and while I prayed for his soul, I also thanked God for blessing my life and soul with his presence. It was difficult watching my Aunt cry and I felt a little guilty for feeling his presence and feeling lifted by his spirit. We lost my Uncle exactly nine months ago. There’s been plenty of times where I wish like crazy I could talk with him. And yet, sometimes I do feel he is talking to me. Like last night at Mass. I’ve been struggling with things . . . work . . . life . . . sleep . . . money . . . time-management. These are things I might’ve talked about with my Uncle Jerry. So when I prayed and reflected last night, I talked to God, Jesus, and my Uncle about those things, and I believe he spoke words into my brain. My brain, which too often races at a hundred miles per hour and can’t ever focus on anything …my brain became clear. Thoughts of my bank account, my sleep deprivation, my expanding waistline, my budgets at work, my budgets at home, the leaves in my gutters, my lack of exercise, my too-long to-do list, my sparse time spent with my kids, my marriage (the good and bad) . . . it all disappeared for a few moments.

I felt at peace. I felt like I felt when I was a young man without so many burdens and stresses and I could see my Uncle Jerry living a balanced life. Living a life that seemed joyful. Seeing him joyful reminded me, that’s where it all starts. It starts with joy.

Last night, my Uncle said to me, “if you miss me, remember the video you have of me? Watch it. Show it to your kids.”

And then a few hours later, my Aunt texted me that she watched the video, again. She and I didn’t compare notes. But we both did the exact same thing following the All Souls Mass.

I feel sorry for people who don’t believe that God, Jesus, Angels, spirits, and our loved ones speak to us. It’s easy to poo-poo such silliness, I guess, but it’s much nicer to open one’s heart, mind, eyes, and ears to the possibility.

I’ve said it before and will say it many times …we read in the Bible how God appears as a burning bush or parts the sky and speaks to us, but I believe it’s more simple than that. Burning bushes are rare. Mostly God, Jesus, Angels and our loved one whisper to us. Don’t disregard a random thought. It’s someone hoping you’ll hear them.

If you don’t know my Uncle Jerry, let me introduce you to him and his life, here:

Or watch this…

And, yesterday,  I reminded the world – yes, the entire world – that I’m completely over-connected on social media.  If you need me anyplace other than this blog, here’s my things…

Snapchat: donkowalewski

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