The Don Daily

and-now-for-something-completely-differentI’m gonna try something new. My Blog will have at least one post per day and I’ll call it The Don Daily. Who cares, right?

I like to read alotta Blogs. Sometimes I see a clever blog and check it every day and the author seems to be hilarious, or interesting, or really on top of their subject and then . . . poof. No more entries. Then, maybe weeks later or months later, there’s a new Blog entry that starts with, “hey, readers, sorry I’ve been missing in action . . . ” blah, blah, blah and I think, “oh, good. I’ve missed this guy (or gal).” A couple of days go by and, bam!!!!  There’s a new blog entry on that blog. And then a week and nothing.

A month goes by.

Three months go by.

Finally, a new banner headline and a long explanation of “so many things going on” and “stay tuned” and then . . . more nothing. 

Look over to the right side of this page and you’ll see long lists of Blogs and if you click on half of them, you’ll see the last entry made was in 2014 or 2015.

Go back and re-read my first sentence. “I’m going to try something new.” It would seem I’m in the club with the Bloggers who don’t blog consistently.

It’s OK. I know. I’m very hit and miss.

But … I’m going to try something new.

We all should try something new, especially if what we’re currently doing isn’t making us happy, successful, wealthy, inspired, respected, admired, or appreciated. I’m not even saying we all need to be millionaires and hold seminars. I’m saying, we need to enjoy each day and if we’re healthy and our families are healthy, and we have some friends, and are lucky enough to have shelter and three warm meals a day . . . the rest should be gravy.

I’m going to try something new. Daily. I’ve gotz two months left in 2016. Time to sprint to the finish line.

The Don Daily bullet points:

  • I undid some burdens – paid my $18 library fine, transferred by backpack carry-all to my super nice leather brief-case, and charged my lossless FiiO high-resolution audio player because, while I am unashamed of my Podcast addiction, listening to good, quality music is something I really enjoy.
  • Today I’m going to call them, “my Cubbies,” just to annoy people.
  • As soon as this I finish writing this Blog entry, I’m going to spend every moment at work doing ONLY WORK things (and nothing personally) because I believe I’ll enjoy my mornings and evenings more while not thinking about work.
  • I started today with the Darren Daily and it was really good (and it might’ve inspired this Blog entry, actually).

Have a great day! Don’t be afraid to “try something new.”





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