An Experiment. Subscribe to my #TheBachelorette Newsletter


At the urging of someone in a podcast (specifically Tim Ferriss’s podcast where he interviewed Noah Kagan), I’m conducting an experiment. Actually, it’s more than an experiment.

I’m starting a newsletter about #TheBachelorette. To subscribe, email me at, subject: Bachelorette or leave a comment below (where I can click and get your email) or just put your email in a comment. When I get an alert that someone commented, I’ll quickly grab your email address and then delete the comment (to protect your privacy).

Two reasons I’m doing this. (1) To see if Noah’s suggestion works about creating an email list …and yes I realize I could pick a better topic, but I have my reasons for going with The Bachelorette. (2) Because I want to write and self-publish a guide to dating, relationships, and marriage based on the wisdom collected from watching every single season of The Bachelor and Bachelorette.

Follow me at @donkowalewski.

Oh. And don’t forget to subscribe.

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