A Man of Principle (I am Not)

Remember how I was all like, “I want black running shoes,” and made a big deal about it?

Let’s just say one man’s black shoe is another man’s grey-black-and-neon and blue-orange.

Both pairs were on clearance at DSW and the New Balance 850s will be for long walks and the Pumas might be the sleeper shoe of 2015. Light weight, like a Skecher GoWalk and crazy comfortable.

Black shoes are soooo last week.

My daughter tried to ruin my happiness because when she saw them she said, “no offense, but they look like ‘old man’ shoes,” and I told her to shut up, slammed my door, and cried. Not really. I kinda like that my 12-year-old has the confidence to rip on me, her Dad. I give her those little wins. For confidence. Maybe I’m wrong, but it feels like that’s a good thing.

Thought you’d all want updates on the shoes and a quick bit of parenting advice …fathers …let your daughters “win” some times.

Tomorrow, I’ll tell you about the new fishing boat.

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