I Love Father’s Day


I’m famous for my birthday lists (detailed during the “Month-of-Don” and “I-Love-Don-Week”) and Christmas wish-lists. Today, I announce the creation of another gift-giving guide – my “Father’s Day Shopping Guide.”

It’s important to have lists, as a father, so some renegade child or wife doesn’t go off-the-grid and improvise about what I think I might need or want.

It’s going to be a quick list, as this list is in it’s infancy stages, but some stuff just needs to get out there into the public sphere so people can start budgeting, planning, and shopping. Oh, and even if I’m not your father or I’m not the father to your children, if you admire the job I’m doing as a father, feel free to get me something on Father’s Day.

Father’s Day Shopping Guide 1.0.15

OK. That’s enough to get you started. Happy shopping. If you think of another idea for me, just leave a comment and I’ll flush it out and see if that’s something I want added to my Father’s Day Shopping Guide.

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