Things I Don’t Do: Write What I Know

Lately, this blog is “trying too hard.” What happens is, I read six Seth Godin books in a row, I spend hours traveling around in a rental car and listening to Seth Godin books on CD, and suddenly I think, hey, I’m going to be Seth Godin.

But I’m not Seth Godin.

Then I got a book on CD about the Vatican and read a buncha stuff written by Pope Francis and Pope John Paul II, and wouldn’t you know it, suddenly I started writing like I was some sort of theologian.

I’m not any of those things.  I’m a father, a husband, and friend. And I’m barely a B- or C+ at any of those things. I’m an employee (80% of the time). I fancy myself a “writer” and I do some writing here and there. I blog, Tweet, and Facebook a bit. And I do some public speaking when asked.

But …what am I? What do I know? Does anyone really know what they know?

I always wish I just had this incredible knowledge of automobile engines and I could blog about that. Knowing stuff about engines, I figure, makes you smarter than 90% of everybody else. But then I think, um, since 90% of all people don’t care a rats ass about car engines and how they work, well, that’s not a great idea for a blog.

What if I wrote a “Fatherhood Friday” weekly post? Would that catch-on? What about “Writing Wednesdays?” Or “Try-Something Tuesdays?” Would any of that be interesting? And would it get me 1,000 readers?

What do I know? What makes me special? And am I asking the right questions? Or should I even be asking questions? Maybe I should just write things on here about what I’m doing, and maybe you’ll get wrapped up in the “adventure” of my life.

Everyone’s got a blog. And so do I. This is what Ricky Gervais says about writing and creativity. Look for future blog entries where I write as if I’m Ricky Gervais.

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