Things I’m Doing: Using Evernote

So I follow this cat named Damien on Twitter and he’s a writer (writes alotta right-wing stuff, which isn’t my cuppa tea, but that’s not really the point of this blog). He writes alot and one day he opined about how much he loves Evernote. He’s not alone in my Twitter feed in his praise for Evernote. But I wasn’t sure, the few times I’ve tried it, how to make it work.

I asked him, he gave me some tips, and in two short weeks, I’ve managed to funnel just about every thought, article, task, list, schedule, and picture into I can think of. It’s on my iPad, my laptop, my iPhone, my computer at work, and if I could install it on my watch, I probably would.

I use it like my own personal Pinterest, but it’s better, actually.

If you’re a writer, or a multi-tasker, or you’re trying to balance home life, work life, hobbies, and other random activities, this is your app.

I fell in love when I got the idea to file the PDFs of my son’s and my daughter’s soccer schedules into it. See, storing a PDF, say, on my laptop is a good thing. It allows me to eliminate another email from my Inbox. But what if I’m sitting in a doctors waiting room and someone asks, “can you come for a follow up on such-and-such date?” And I say, hmmm, maybe, I’ll have to check because I think I have a soccer game that day. Well, with Evernote, I know that no matter what device I have with me, I can check.

I also have a book project I’m working on and my client shared a large document with me and I’ve been able to migrate material, research papers, etc all to a Notebook created specifically for this book.

For my job, I need to track leads, ideas, and sometimes record some audio …Evernote does it all.

Have I sold you on Evernote? Probably not. But if you meet me for a cuppa coffee someday, I’ll probably bore you to death telling you about how great this app is for staying organized across the many categories of your life.

I’ve even copy/pasted some Tweets to Evernote. Yes, I Tweet. I’m known as @donkowalewski on Twitter.

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