Dad Stuff, Part 9: A New Daily Multivitamin

Today marks a new chapter in my life, and when I say “new chapter,” I mean NEWCHAPTER Every Man™’s One Daily 40+ Multivitamin. What’s more, I didn’t even spend countless hours researching vitamins, asking friends and doctors, and losing sleep over picking a new vitamin. This happened because my Trader Joe’s stopped carrying my trusted Men’s Once Daily Multivitamin.

Crazy move on Trader Joe’s part. I was so loyal.

Trader Joe’s, I ain’t ashamed to say, is only my 2nd-favorite food store. My favorite food store is Better Health, so when they told me they were no longer making my multivitamin, I stormed angrily out of Trader Joe’s and beelined it to Better Health (that is, if a bee drives six miles and takes a few Michigan-lefts and cuts through a neighborhood and “storm angrily” means I finished shopping and bought some other stuff).  

My multivitamin and supplements are a bit of an obsession. Who am I kidding? Everything I do is an “obsession.”  

What I Like

NEWCHAPTER boasts the vitamins can be taken on an empty stomach. I did that once (half a vitamin). The labeling proved correct. I don’t take an entire multivitamin at once. I break it in half and take half with breakfast and half with dinner. I was using a pill cutter on the Men’s Health brand. These have a line and can be broken exactly in half without a pill cutter and with my hands only. That’s cool.  Why do I not take an entire multivitamin? Because I read somewhere the reason your pee-pee gets super yellow after you take a multivitamin is because most of the nutrients gets washed right through you.

I also like this vitamin because it’s formulated for Men 40+ and has some of that other important stuff I’m always reading about in Men’s Health.

Lastly, I noticed something, a difference, almost immediately. Maybe it’s placebo effect or all in-my-head, but without the stomach stuff, and maybe because it has a “stress and energy support blend”, I felt somewhat of a calmness and I swear my sleep was deeper.

It’s also not too expensive. $20 for a bottle of 24 (my wife did frown because Trader Joe’s is 60 pills for $14.99).

It’s been a week. Today and tomorrow I’ll be intermittent fasting and not taking this multivitamin, so it’ll be interesting to see how I feel without it, and then when adding it back in. Interesting, I say! Oh, you’re interested. Admit it.

Yep. You’re gonna notice a whole buncha posts around this Blog and you’ll think to yourself, “why does Don think I care about any of this crap?”

You’ll see. You’ll see. You care. Or, should I say, I’m out to prove someone cares.

Oh, and these vitamins even have their own video . . . so you know they’ve got to be good.

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