Fourteen days in the books in my #ResolutionADay idea and I’ve successfully made FOURTEEN NewYearsResolutions – and stuck to them. I can do this. It means I have to get creative and really put some thought into it, but it can be done!!!!  Don’t listen to Stacy from It’s Not Just You.  OK. Actually. Listen to her. And to her co-host and my old-friend, Lynn M.

Listen here:  http://www.empoweradio.com/home/podcasts/on-demand/its-not-just-you/814577-How-Make-Changes.html

It’s a quick listen. Laid back. And if you listen to this particular episode you’ll hear them talk about my insane (<–their word) #ResolutionADay.

Something they brought up is that it’s too intense and too many #Resolutions, but if you look at some of the new items on my list, not every Resolution will take time or add tasks to my day.

For example, a future #ResolutionADay will be Buy Flowers for My Wife Once-A-Month and Include a Note Telling Her a Reason I Love Her.  This is NOT a wimpy way out. It’s simply realistic. Maybe another #ResolutionADay will be Leave a Not Under My Daughter’s Pillow Telling Her How Amazing She Is Once-A-Month. Or another could be Make Family Dinner Once-A-Week or Make Saturday-Morning Family Breakfast Once-a-Month.

Yes, my list has stuff like “floss every day” and “pray every day” and future items will be daily things, but some stuff will be me, reflecting on my days, weeks, months, and years and acknowledging things I should do and want to do and will make my life better.

One more time. Listen to the How To Make Changes episode of It’s Not Just You.

Oh, and here’s my first set of #ResolutionADay resolutions and below are the latest.

  • Day14 NO snacking in the evening Sun-Thursday. Dinner. Dessert. DONE! Exceptions = special occasions, and I mean SPECIAL! When I do this my mornings are way better and I always sleep better.
  • Day13 Use my phone but in secret. So my family never sees me on it. Meaning when they are with me, I’m WITH THEM and not also somewhere else via a text exchange or Facebook comment thread.
  • Day12 ONLY cook in my from now on, and learn to master it. Maybe in the two metal pans but beginning today – never on a synthetic nonstick surface. I hear it’s healthy …and it’s manly. Pancakes will be a challenge.

Join me, crazy people.

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