Self-Improvement Stuff, Part 3: #RESOLUTIONADAY

As I wrote previously, it doesn’t matter when you start something, as long as you start …now.  So, it’s with much excitement I’m re-launching #ResolutionADay …my brilliant idea of adding a new resolution every day for a year. Previously, I made it to Day47.

I was on a Zoom recently and everyone was sharing their resolutions, and most had one or two. All but one person on this particular Zoom laughed about having already failed followed by the typical, “well, now I have something to look forward to in 2022.”

When I got to talk, I (obnoxiously) listed 12 New Years Resolutions I made and said, even with the resolutions that tripped me up, I wasn’t giving up.  I could’ve gone on and on listing things I want to do that would absolutely improve my life. And so …I decided to start #ResolutionADay, again.

Here‘s how it works (from when I invented it in 2019). Basically, every day you resolve to do something. These “somethings” don’t all have to be on par with quitting smoking or exercising daily, but could be as simple as “smoke two less cigarettes” or “find 10-minutes a day to swing my kettlebell around” or “take a 20-minute walk.”

Sure, you can make the resolutions massive, but the massive, difficult resolutions are the hardest and make failure nearly guaranteed. Like, I want to finally write and finish my book this year. “Write a book,” is vague and daunting. But “write for 15-minutes each day,” is much, much easier. Can’t I find 15-minutes in my day? Can’t I scroll through Instagram and Facebook and LinkedIn less often (or only at specific, scheduled times) and plot 15-minutes of writing into my day? Yes. That’s easy. 

What will happen, and we all know it, is that the 15-minutes of writing will spill into 20- and 25-minutes. I’ll gain ground against my resolution, and take away from my mindless social media scrolling. My 10-minutes of kettlebell might go 12- or 15- minutes and I can even watch TV or listen to a Podcast while doing it (instead of sitting in my comfy leather chair). 

And …go! 

  • #ResolutionADay Day1 Spend 15-minutes #Blogging each day. 

Tomorrow I’ll share my #ResolutionADay spreadsheet and how I track each resolution.

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