Things I Don’t Do: Exercise; Watch Movies

Can you believe it’s been nearly 4 entire months since I jogged, ran, climbed stairs, rode a bike, lifted weights, swam, or lifted anything heavier than 7 pounds? And yet, because of the 4-Hour Body diet, I’ve hardly put on any weight (just don’t ask me about my cholesterol).

So, like the rest of everyone, I’m resolving to exercise more in the New Year. My lungs have been feeling GREAT lately, so I’m thinking it’s about time I push their capacity a bit. I’m going to start with some brisk walking at the track inside a church by my house. It will be me and a dozen old people – I guess I could also try speed-walking at the mall if I find I really like talking about Medicare, Medicaid, and whether or not Tom Bosley or Wilford Brimley is a better product pitch man. Don’t laugh …brisk walking is where I’ll start. I’m not proud of it …I used to run miles at a time, and charge up hills and stair cases, and I’d mix in push-ups and down-ups, and deep knee bends and sit-ups and push-ups …hey …I’m gonna start slow and see how my lungs react. Maybe someday I’ll be Superman, again.

Also, I was going to make a “Top-10 Movies of 2011” list for spunkybean, and then I realized I only watched 6 movies for the entire year. Yes, I’m sure I watched some Disney Channel originals about talking dogs, hamsters, or chipmunks, but I’m not going to count those. Six movies! That’s it! I blame Obama …or possibly the Republican controlled Congress. Somebody is sabotaging all my time.

It’s funny, actually …before I had kids, I had all sorts of time and what did I do with that time? I guess I watched alotta TV and movies. Now, the cinema (be it the big movie-plex or the home theater) is a novelty and something I never do. The movie industry said 2011 yielded the lowest theater attendance in almost 20 years and they pointed to many possible factors, but my theory is this: Gen X was the “greatest generation” for movie makers and production companies. If we had time to kill, “watch movies” was always at the top of our list. And now that all us Gen Xrs are having kids, coaching soccer, working (something experts said Gen X would never do), and picking up hobbies, and because we don’t have any sustainable, increasing, or expendable income …we’ve stopped going to the movies.

You might ask …what about the Boomers and Millenials, who’s numbers nearly quadruple the Gen X numbers? Well …sorry to tell you …those generations aren’t “movie goers” in the same way we were. Boomers gave up on movies long, long ago. Sure, they’ll see the occasional blockbuster, but mostly there’s “nothing at the movies” they want to see. They’re picky and fickle. Millenials are connected and texting and Tweeting and they don’t see the point of sitting somewhere for 2 hours and not using their cell phones. We Gen Xrs, we watched anything that would make a screen glow and we still would …if we had the time and money.

But worry not, Hollywood …in about a decade, you’re going to see an inexplicable bump in movie going again and you’ll wonder why? It will be because Gen X sent their kids off to college and we’ll get back to the movie theaters, and back to the foodcourts in the mall, and we’ll get you back in shape.

Wow, Don’s blog. What was this all about, anyway? Just ranting. Anything to keep me from having to exercise. And guess what …tomorrow I’ll tell you all about my burr type coffee grinder.

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