Things I Do: Recap The Bachelor at

Happy New Year, one and all!

Wanna hear stuff about  spunkybeanThe Bachelor, and my 2012 Voter’s Guide? It’s sorta hard to explain, but once again I’m recapping every sordid, tragic, heartbreaking, and dramatic episode of The Bachelor on spunkybean, and this season’s analysis will go a long way towards determining the next President of the United States. OK, well, I guess that wasn’t so difficult to explain after all.

Lots riding on The Bachelor this year. I expect Fox News to be calling me soon and I’ll be offering thoughtful political analysis. I’m just waiting for that phone to ring. Any minute now. I just know they’ll call. And when I appear on Fox, what’s my best color? I’m thinking green tones.

Last night’s season premier of everyone’s favorite televised reality dating show kicked off and I’m here to tell ya …I’m here … to tell ya … but not here. But here. Over at spunkybean.

It’s gonna be a super fun season and I hope you, your kids, your best friends at work, and the three people you’ve Friended on Facebook but can’t remember why …I hope all of you will watch along and read along with me the entire season.

Get started now. Thanks for reading.

And again …HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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