Things I Do: Write, Waterski, and Why a Blogroll

One of the best things I’ve done recently was join Detroit Bloggers. Technically, it wasn’t something I was putting off. The group only started last month. But …in the past, I’ve blown off cool things like that and then wondered why great things never happen to me. I can’t say joining Detroit Bloggers will automatically make great things happen to me, but I feel great having met a buncha fun, passionate writers. As I’ve said in the past …anyone can Facebook and Twitter, but to run a blog and create content – that takes a different D.N.A.

“But, Don? You just write about your near-death experiences and coffee? Are you sure those bloggers aren’t just being nice to you and secretly laughing at you behind your back?”

“Um …no. No …they …are …not. Remember …I have spunkybean. That’s …like, legit blogging.”

Because you’re reading this, you know I launched a new blog. One things bloggers MUST do is keep their blogroll tidy and up-to-date. A blogroll is a sidebar on your blog where you link all the other great bloggers you read, you admire, and whom inspire you. It’s like a “Follow Friday” that never goes away. It serves a few other purposes. (1) If people frequently visit your site, and remember you talk about this great person who writes a great vegetarian blog for example, but maybe they forgot to bookmark it, they can find that vegetarian blogger easily by going back to your blog. (2) Bloggers on your blogroll might put your blog on their blogroll. Bloggers are the friendliest people on earth. In a bloggers mind, they will be as happy if your blog succeeds as they will be if their own blog succeeds. It’s true. Bloggers never say, “but Don is an idiot …how come he has so many readers and I don’t? I hate him.” No …bloggers say, “high-five, dude. How’d you do it?” And then we bloggers all try harder and smarter to be the next big blog in the blogosphere. (3) A blogroll reminds you, the blogger, to keep checking certain blogs and sites. Let’s face it …despite how we all self-market using Facebook and Twitter, some fans, readers, and fellow bloggers are bound to miss a few Tweets or status updates every now and then. Having your favorite blogs on your blogroll gives you a spot for important people you want to support and whom you like reading.

Here’s five new blog friends and their blogs – which I’ve recently added to my blogroll at the right. It’s been great getting to know the people (in person) and through their writing.

spunkybean – OK. This is my blog. It’s about pop-culture and our favorite TV shows. Me and my fellow writers love watching TV so, well, why not write about it? We keep it light and fun. Two great pieces we wrote recently inlclude Kickstart’s KNOWBODYS – The Matt Maiellaro Interview and TV’s Greatest Bands – A Handy Guide. The first is a look at the upstart Kickstart Comics, the second a tribute to the best fake TV bands of all time.

Mommy Is In Timeout – This lady founded (one of three founders, actually) Detroit Bloggers. I’m not a Mom (I’m a Dad) and technically I shouldn’t “get” what the heck she’s blogging about, but she’s totally funny. Her blog entries echo some of the words I hear from my wife. And her videos are inspired. Music …pictures …improv. What editing software is she using?

Real Life Husband/Dad/WannaBe Rockstar – I envy him because he’s a little (OK, alot) more focused than I am. He writes about being a middle-aged Dad who refuses to give up the dream. That’s just like me. His blog is cool. He’s right …dudes …don’t stop dreaming. No, your NFL career is over, but playing guitar …trying stand-up comedy …running a marathon. Keep dreamin’.

The Vegan Vibe – Another busy, stressed out Mom who started a blog about being a vegetarian in a non-veggie world and non-veggie household (she has a husband and two sons who like hamburgers and she ain’t stoppin’ ’em). She’s new to blogging and vegetarianism but aren’t we all before we’re not so new, anymore? Yes. Thinking about it – blogging or being vegetarian? Read her blog. Take the journey with her.

On the Road Again – I met her at the first Detroit Bloggers meeting and I was smitten (with her story, and now her blog). She’s funny. She’s casual. She eats Cold Stone Creamery and makes no apologies for it …she’ll just add another 1/2-mile to her next run. Or she won’t. Leave her alone. Anyway …are you a runner but not one of those zero-percent body-fat running-triathlon animals? You’ll like this blog.

Essential Elements – She’s another founder of Detroit Bloggers (I’m 99% sure …I’m so bad with names, details, and …um ….something else). She’s very nice. Her kind spirit and enthusiasm for niceness and happiness, combined with her belief in essential life elements like creativity, happiness, love, passion, success, motivation, inspiration, and so on …well, it’s a nice break from this debt ceiling, Obama birthers, England riots, and stock market crashing world.

The Literary World of Sylvia Hubbard – Question? Have you been meaning to write a book? Perfect. Like me, have you often wondered, well, if I write it …then what? Chances are, Sylvia knows. Sylvia is connected and in-the-know. She’s so informed, I’m not actually sure entirely how to summarize what a resource she is. Just …um, make sure you hit the next Detroit Bloggers meeting and shake her hand. Cool.

This is just a taste. My new blog is, well, new. Many more awesome bloggers will be added to my blog roll. I hope you’ll check ’em out. You’re bound to like one of ’em.

And, finally …really …I’m going go get to my vacation recap. Let’s just say …when I wasn’t trying stupid shallow-water somersaults, I did some waterskiing. And lucky for you (me), my wife captured my waterskiing magic.

3 Comments on “Things I Do: Write, Waterski, and Why a Blogroll

  1. You have some skiing skills! I love the “I don’t know what he’s saying….” 😉 Thanks for the mention! And to answer your question, I use iMovie.

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