Advertising Myself (Brand Me)

The picture says it all, so there’s no real reason to support it with a blog entry, right? Well, this is a blog, so …ya know. I’m gonna blog something.

The picture is my “why?”

Why do you waste time blogging, Don?

Why do you love Twitter so much, Don?

What good is all this extra writing doing for you? What’s this about you ghost-writing?

What if you spent the time you spend blogging and engaging on social media just working?

I guess I’ll answer your question with a question? Do you have hobbies? Do you golf? Do you scrapbook? Do you gamble or play fantasy football?

Without a creative outlet, personally, I’d be less than what I am. It’s a hobby. And I like to think, maybe someday, the stars will align and – boom, poof – I’ll have 10,000 readers and a publisher will all but beg me to write a book. Or that won’t happen, and I’ll just have a buncha blog entries that explained who I was and what led to who I am.

I am a radio advertising professional. I love radio as a medium. I am a writer. I am a ghost-writer. I am a blogger. I am a part time social media consultant. I am a content creator.

I enjoy it. And, something happened along the way – I learned to market myself. It’s made me a better version of the person I try to be in my day job.

It’s about passion. Want to know my passions? Want to know what excites me in the middle of the night and gets me out of bed and running to my iPad to jot down a “great idea for a blog entry?”

I want to know what does that for you.

Follow me at @donkowalewski.

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