Advertising stuff, Part 1: Why I Blog

The first sentence of a Blog entry should “hook” the reader. Oh, crap. Was that a good “first sentence?” Did that “hook” you? I hope so. I’m glad you’re here. Welcome to my lab.

Yes. My Blog is a “lab” where I develop theories (or hypotheses), test theories, experiment, and more. If things like writing, creating, content-marketing, advertising, social media, Google analytics, keywords, or Search are topics that interest you – you should Blog, too. If you own a business, you should Blog. If someday you’re going to apply for a job and want to stand-out from the other applicants, you should have a Blog (and think long and hard about this last part when it comes to Blogging or any social media …future employers, current employers, and clients WILL Google you, so if you can’t avoid expressing strong opinions on controversial topics, maybe you don’t need a Blog or any social media …unless “activist” is your goal …in that case …Blog like the wind!!!!).



Every. Day.

Easier said than done. I know. I suck at that “every day” part.

I Blog for the following reasons:

  • I’m writing a book
  • I work in advertising sales (and tell small businesses how they should market themselves)
  • Someday I’m going to write a screenplay
  • It’s my journal and I like a Blog more than I like a paper journal
  • I have many interests
  • I like telling stories
  • I have an ego that convinced me people care (and will care) about what I write

Every Blog I write I work to make sure it has Tags, links, a featured image, and all my social media info at the bottom. I watch and see which Blog posts perform better and try to determine “why?” Is it the topic? Was it the way I shared them on my social media channels? Did readers click on any of the links? Were some links clicked on more often than others? And why?

You might say, “oh, Don, you just want to be the next influencer selling leafy green shakes or some supplement. No. I don’t. Which might be why I only have 100 readers each time I post instead of 10,000 and why I don’t have a Sponsored Instagram post that says, “I made $14,711 last month in less than 8 hours working on my Blog and you can too – click below.” Then I would charge people $49.99 for 3 coaching sessions and tell everyone what they should do, knowing none of them will, and repeat, repeat, repeat.

Where was I? Oh. Yes. Everyone should Blog and do social media. It’s good for your soul, your brand (yes, you are a “brand” these days whether you like it or not), and your knowledge and awareness of the modern world.

Tomorrow on the Blog: How-To Aeropress coffee while hammock camping

Do you like me? If so, here are some other places you can find me.

Snapchat: donkowalewski <– I rarely do anything here

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