Lent …Again

I don’t even want to look back at my past Lent related blog entries. I’m pretty certain I use Lent like a little reboot of my New Year’s Resolutions and like a little 40-day self-improvement class. Funny, the priest at my Ash Wednesday Mass kinda made fun of that. He said Lent isn’t really a time to say, “I’m going to try Yoga.”

So, “blog every day” probably doesn’t fit into the spirit of Lent, either.

It’s OK. I was sorta thinking I should take Lent a little more seriously, so Father’s Homily was well timed. Hmmmm. Kinda like someone wanted me to listen, for a change, and work on my inner peace and spirituality.

Yes. Write more, get back to my book and script, and regular exercise are still a part of my Lenton plan, but I’m doing it as an extension of the idea God gave me many blessings and gifts, and if I’m not using the gifts he’s giving me, I’m …essentially …laughing in his face.

I joined Dynamic Catholic‘s “Best Lent Ever” list and that will be my exercise in spirituality. It will be my main focus. And the rest, hopefully, will fall in line.

Like they say at Dynamic Catholic …I’m ready to remember this as my best Lent ever.

Sorry. Nothing funny, today. I’ve got 40 days. Something funny will come up.

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