run with raven

Does anyone remember two years ago when I started kicking my own butt? It was called “Project 44” and I was exercising in multiples (or factors) of 44 in the run-up to my 44th birthday (or was I 44 years old and there were 44 days until the end of the year …I can’t remember).

I’m at it again. It’s not like I’m a big, fat slob …but I’ve been walking-only …most days …sometimes for a half-hour and sometimes for 15-minutes.

But I started reading a book called Brain Body Diet and like all weight loss books (or brain health books, it suggests exercise is good for the brain …and health …and weight loss …and cholesterol …it’s like exercise is good for everything. *sigh*

Then, Nick Garcia sent me an email about the Darren Hardy #RavenRun challenge and basically bullied me into get moving, so here I am. Just finished my 3rd straight day of #PowerWalking and then, today, I added Work Out with My Teenage Son (which could also be known as “Come to Terms with My Declining Ability Due to My Age”). We went to a large hill by our house. I walked/jogged up and down two times (taking a break at the top and bottom to cry and fake an injury …and do 10 push-ups, 10 sit-ups, and 10 burpees) while he bounded like a gazelle up and down three times, stopping at the top and bottom to scream, do jumping jacks, many more push-ups than I did …pretty much rubbing my face in it and hurting my pride.

Doctors say exercise is good for you …and all I gotta say is it had better be.



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