Remember #Project44

Recall at the beginning of the year I was gung-ho about #Project44. The mission to make a better-Don before my 44th birthday in July. Oops. Sorta fell by the wayside, but I’d like to say it’s back on the agenda and I have 71-days until the big 4-4 (as they say …OK. Nobody says that).

Maybe I don’t weigh 144 pounds, yet. Maybe I don’t honor my 44-minutes of exercise per day. Maybe I don’t put myself to bed at 9:44 like I said I was going to. But it’s not like the year has been without self-improvement. Trust me.

The biggest thing I’ve done (in the past month) was revising my eating plan. I had been on an “intermittent fasting” kick and it was wreaking havoc on my body and brain. Enter the book The Brain Fog Fix and a reality check on why the hell I was eating like a hyper-endurance athlete, and suddenly the elimination of white bread and the addition of fish (salmon) and real food has been like I got a mood prescription pill. And now I’ve added exercise back into the routine.

What’s next?

  • Organizing my book project (in the 8p-12mid second job).
  • Re-Starting my Donnie Jalapeno business.
  • Writing. Writing. Writing.
  • Make this Blog a real thing with real readers and a solitary focus.

The rest of the year is about doing everything, where the first half of the year was about hiding from everything. At various points of my life, I thought I could do anything and everything and felt alive and energized and bold. I like that feeling. I want it back.

What’s your 2017 project? We’ve finished 33% of the year. You have 66% of the year remaining to do BIG THINGS. What will you do?

Leave a comment with your #Project2017 goals.


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