Remember my focus for the year 2017? I call is #Project44. This year I will celebrate my 44th birthday and I want to make this year matter. Here’s my list…

  • Bimg_5880e in bed by 9:44 or 10:44
  • Wake up at 4:44 or 5:44 (depending on when I went to bed) and 6:44 on weekends
  • Work up to 44 pull-ups
  • Do 44 push-ups daily
  • Publish 44 pieces of social media daily around my passions
  • Exercise for 44 minutes daily (even if 22 minutes in the a.m., and 22 minutes at night)
  • Listen (or read) something motivating 44-minutes each day
  • Make calls (cold-calls) at 8:44 a.m.
  • Get my weight to 144
  • 44 new business calls per month (11 per week)
  • Increase my billing by 44% (and my income by the same)

And I’ll even give myself 44-days from the day I invented this (January 4th, interestingly enough) to create the full plan and the map of #Project44.

It’s a rallying cry. It’s a mission. It’s fun. It’s something to focus on. It’s just the sort of crazy obsession that works for a guy like me. Will it work for you?

A friend is turning 30 and she launched something similar. If you’re 49 and about to turn 50, get creative with your magic number. My son is 12 and will turn 13 (a teenager!!!) later this year, and he wants to earn $1,300 selling his toys and collectibles on eBay and CraigsList.

Pick a number. Make some goals. Get started.

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