My Updated Christmas Wish-List

I told someone recently to immediately forget the past. I wisely said, “turn the page,” and, “who you were yesterday and whatever you did or didn’t do, really has no impact on tomorrow.” It ain’t easy, but it’s true. For example, my whole life I’m been a procrastinator. But if I wake up tomorrow and say, hey, Don, stop procrastinating …poof. It can be that easy. It might take me a long time to convince the people who know me as a procrastinator that I’m not the same guy, anymore, but that’s OK. I can live with that. I made my bed. I’ll sleep in it. But anyone who knows me after November 14th, 2021 will think, hey, that Don-guy really gets things done.

Another example? I really dropped the ball on my Father’s Day Wish-List and my “I Love Don Week” wish-list and publicizing it, updating it, and allowing people to shower me with gifts. That was yesterday. Today …I’m getting a jump-start my “Don’s Christmas Wish-List”, which is the same list, but updated. We all know about the supply-chain problem which they’re saying will delay lots of things this holiday season, so getting my wish-list out, now, is super important.

It’s fully up-to-date. I’ve removed the things I’ve already gotten (or changed my mind about) and added new, relevant items.

The top item on my list is the OURA Ring Generation 3. I’m gonna make 2022 my healthiest year, ever, and having a ring that tells me my pulse rate, steps, sleep quality, and a ton of other stuff …it will really help. I’m pretty healthy but I can be much, much healthier and as a march towards my 50th birthday, I’m gonna embrace modern technology to get me the rest of the way to my fitness and health goals.

Oh, sure, I could just exercise and eat right, but I would have no documentable proof anything I’m doing is working. Luckily, there’s a very expensive ring that will prove I’m doing the right things.

Anyone who says you don’t have to spend money to be healthy obviously doesn’t have social media.


Check back often because, well, I’m pretty sure I’ve thought about some other stuff I want and didn’t add it to the list. Shameful. Why have a wish-list if I’m not going to update it and publicize it. Right?

But it goes back to my initial point …just because I neglected the “I Love Don” Wish-List for nearly a year doesn’t mean, tomorrow, I can’t get back to helping people get me stuff I want.

You’re welcome. Order early and often.

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