Burger Tour

My drinkin’ buddy and I have 15-year-old sons and we thought of a great idea. The kinda idea that only drinkin’ buddies can come up with. Is this idea to take our sons to art museums? To teach them how to change the oil in their car or grill meat? No. Our idea is to tour southeast Michigan, and maybe beyond, for the best burgers. The classic burgers. The classic burger joints.

Burger Tour Home Page

Sometimes a burger is genuinely unique because of the preparation and special sauce (ie Duggan’s or Red Coat). Sometimes a burger is legendary because, well, the restaurant itself is legendary (ie Nemo’s or Miller’s). And sometimes a person can’t even put their finger on why a burger is sooooooo good (ie Brady’s or Detroit Burger Bar), but it just is.

Here’s our list. Leave a comment if we’re missing a can’t-miss burger joint, burger shack, or burger bar (I think those are three distinctive categories).

…and this list will keep growing. I’ll review our experience, but not in a snobby food critic type-o-way …a food critic wouldn’t give Big Boy the time of day, but that critic is missing out. A classic Big Boy is an original and I will not hear otherwise.


4 Comments on “Burger Tour

  1. Here’s a few that I like that you left off your list
    Basement Burger Bar
    Brome Modern Eatery
    Lover’s Only

    I thought Miller’s was average. Red Coat lived up to its reputation.

    Five Guys is the best fast food in my opinion

    • Thanks, @glenjstroup! I’m adding those to the list. Five Guys is VERY good, and their fries are perfection, but that’s where the tour gets into grey area. I mean, I think Shake Shack and their Shake Sauce is awesome. I get extra Shake Sauce. So places like Shake Shack and Wahlburgers are gonna make the list. Yet, I don’t want to put Sonic, Five Guys, or Culver’s on the tour. I’m wrestling with this.

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