Who’s Ready for More Shelf Elf

Well, last night was nearly a Elf on the Shelf disaster and it wasn’t until this morning while making coffee I was like, “oh, no …Elf on the Shelf didn’t move!”

It was a mad dash and desperate attempt to make things right, so I just threw him onto a counter top and wrote “yum” with M&Ms. Luckily, the previous two nights, as you’ll see below, were a little better. On Friday night, we hid candy canes and you can see Sugar Cookie (if I haven’t mentioned that’s our elf’s name) wrote a poem (using the King’s English) and then the night before that, he made “pancakes” in the kitchen play set. I put “pancakes” in quotes because I couldn’t find a pancake and what you see cooking up in the pan is actually the bottom of a fake hamburger bun. Interestingly enough, when my son found it, he said, “Sugar Cookie is cooking some kinda bread in a pan.”

Ten more days until Elf on the Shelf races back to the North Pole.



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