I Want Stuff, Part 1: Father’s Day 2020

This whole pandemic shelter-in-place don’t-go-to-work too-much-family-time is very tough for all of us? Ya know what would lift people’s spirits? Getting gifts, that’s what?

This Blog feature is a life lesson for my 15-year-old son. Back at Christmastime, his mother and I asked for a wish-list. That wish-list had NOTHING on it. Christmas came and went and it was unspectacular for my son. Flash-forward to Easter and we like to put a little gift in his Easter basket. Still. Nothing of note. Then, not two weeks later, my son’s old headphones he uses with his Xbox One crapped out and stopped working and he told us he would like some gaming headphones.

I asked, “how long have you wanted these? See? This is the type of stuff you put on Christmas lists.”

He defiantly said in reply, “but the headphones I had were still working. I didn’t really NEED new ones.”

Where does he get that modesty and simpleness? I had to explain that a person should always have a list of “wants”. No. Nobody “needs” everything they “want”, but that’s not the point. Yes. I have shoes. I have a dozen pairs of shoes for various outfits, weather conditions, and activities. Do I “need” new shoes? No. But I “want” some retro Bo Jackson Nikes. Dang kid just doesn’t get it.

Side note: You should’ve seen the headphones. The cord was frayed and the ear pads were worn right to the foam. Gaming headsets should’ve been #1 on the Christmas list four months ago.

People. We’re coming out of a pandemic and nationwide lockdown. We’re going to need all Americans to unite and buy stuff they don’t need and can’t afford to get this economy moving again. My Father’s-Day-Wishlist below will be my part of the recovery. Get shopping.

People are scared and depressed. You can do some serious improvements to my mood if you buy me some of this stuff.

Dr. Squatch Bar Soaps – Been thinking more and more about the chemicals in products I buy, what they do to my skin and the environment. I’m one man, but I’ll do my part by using better soap. At least I think it’s “better”. I saw their ad on YouTube and it had a bearded Hipster-looking guy. Must be good. I compared the chemicals in it to my Trader Joe’s Almond Ginger Scent Oatmeal Exfoliant Bar, and while I’ve always trusted Trader Joe’s to sell me the most hippy-approved products, I’ll be damned if their soap didn’t have more crazy chemicals than Dr. Squatch. (Note to my son: Yes, they sell soap at Trader Joe’s for $3. Yes, this Dr. Squatch soap is $7 per bar. Dumb purchase? You bet it is!!!)

Here’s a few more Top-Things from the Stuff I Want Page on my Blog.

Happy shopping. DM me if you need my shipping address.



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