Christmas Wish-List, Part 5

Three stocking stuffers, today. Easy things. Like when you’re friend is getting married and registers somewhere and you hop on-line and see everything they picked is suuuuuuper expensive, so you click “Sort By Price” and you buy whatever is around $20 (or whatever your cheap-ass budget is). These are simple, affordable things for you to get me, and trust me …I don’t judge you by the amount you spend on me, but it’s the thought that counts.

Aeropress Replacement Plunger: I love my Aeropress, but this rubber plunger end is, well, rubber, and with all the heat, plunging, and thousands of cups of coffee, it shrinks a bit, so the vacuum isn’t quite what it needs to be for the optimal cuppa coffee.


Chazzano Coffee Whole Beans: It’s available on-line, and the store in Ferndale on Nine Mile Road, or at Plum Market’s and a few other local grocers. My favorite is the Tanzanian Peaberry, but it’s been difficult to find, lately (I should ask him why). I like the Brazil beans, too.


Micro SD Cards:  You can pick-up a 16 GB version pretty cheap. I would love a 32 GB or whopping 64 GB, but I don’t want to be greedy and selfish. I only have two. And that’s where I store my music to play on my Fiio digital music player, and I’d like more music with me when I go places.


That’s it. Quick and easy. Tomorrow’s Saturday morning and I have a loooong post planned about my son kicking my ass every night in our bootcamp. He’s a jerk. More on that, tomorrow.

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