Stuff I Want 2022

Ya ever look back on something you did a long, long time ago and remember how important that thing seemed to you at the time and now, with age and wisdom, you’re almost embarrassed by it? Like your Michael Jackson jacket or your Palm Pilot? But then there’s some things you did, or ideas you had, and you think, “wow, I was ahead of my time.”

Such is how I feel about my Stuff I Want List. I mean, sure, I’m a little embarrassed I don’t update it often enough and it sometimes has some pretty outdated items that I no longer want (or already received as a gift from someone), but for the most part, the entire concept and 70% of the stuff listed is timeless. As Americans living in a society built on consumerism, I sometimes scratch my head wondering why everyone doesn’t have a list like this.

This list is important around Father’s Day, my birthday, and, of course, Christmas.

2021 Christmas was good. Checked some stuff off the list. Plus, one of my missions in 2022 is to post reviews of all my Don-approved items and places. I’ll post to Yelp!, Amazon, or to the product site itself. And I’ll post that same review on my Blog (a shameless attempt to find more Blog readers and social media followers). You’ll see this stuff on my Blog, soon, but where was I?

Oh, yes. Stuff I want.

In the past year, I was gifted or bought (with gift cards given to me by other people) a small, portable industrial vacuum cleaner, facial care products, Jeep stuff, blue light blocking glasses, another Google Home, a My Pillow (I’m sure it’s a great pillow, but I’m not ready for my pillow to tell the world my politics …even tho, since I don’t have a My Pillow, one could say I’m taking a stance opposite of the My Pillow Guy …oh, there’s no way out of this pillow-gate). I removed a few other things and this all made 2021 a totally magical year. When I look back on my list and things I removed (because my tastes changed) or received (because people love giving me things), it might’ve been my best-year-ever in terms of consumerism. Sometimes the stars align, ya know?

Can 2022 be even better? Well, if you didn’t give me anything last year you already know the answer …heck, yes!!! Gimme, gimme, gimme.

As I turn the calendar from 2021 to 2022, I took a good hard look at the Stuff I Want list, made some updates, and present it here for you …early …with plenty of time to save and shop.

And remember …it is far better to give (to Don) than to receive.

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