Don’s 2022 Christmas Wish-List

Readers are well aware of my Stuff I Want Page. It’s a living-document, constantly being updated based on my changing tastes and hobbies, new ideas, and things being purchased. The list is a combination of big, expensive items (for those who really, really like me), moderately priced items (for those who like me, or maybe want to buy me multiple things), and budget items that can be gifted at any point of the year. Don’t worry if you’ve never given me anything …I’m not keeping track. But as you know, it is better to give than receive, so I give you a list, and you can give me a present.

My family was just discussing that people are either givers or receivers. Some people are just dang good at picking out gifts, listening for hints, or knowing their friends and family well enough they know what to give. These “givers” take great pride in giving. They enjoy nothing more than seeing the look on someone’s face when the gift-recipient opens the gift and is speechless or is genuinely surprised. These gift-givers want the hug and the “thank you” and the multiple “wows” and “this is perfect” responses from the gift-recipient.

Me? I’m really good at accepting gifts. And it doesn’t matter what you give me …a bag of coffee beans or a new Toro Timemaster …I’m going to be blown away and happy. 

I’ll make this short and sweet. My 2022 Christmas Wish-List is available, complete with links and sizes. You can Comment here if you have any questions. 

Some new items:

*** for anyone considering the flashlight or headlamp, the lumens are very important. 750 lumens would be a minimum. This is for early morning and late-night dog-walking

And with that, this is the end of the Blog and I’ll give you back your time to go shopping. 

Thanks for reading.

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