Christmas Wish-List, Part 3

Day-1 and Day-2 of my Christmas wish-list were pretty lame. Three out of four items on the wish-list, so far, are shoes. I’m old. Not like today’s gonna get much better, as I’m about to ask for a set of headphones to be worn at night so I can drift to sleep while listening to Podcasts or books on tape (sorry ladies …I’m taken). And I want copper pans.

81012Copper Chef Round Fry Pan Set: I have two non-stick pans and, like microwaving things in plastic containers, I know they’re giving me Cancer everyday. So, for now, until someone discovers copper lined pans are the worst thing for your health, and because 2017 was the year we did a total kitchen make-over, I want a set of these copper fry pans. I don’t know if you’ve seen the infomercial on TV, but these are the real deal. I think they burned something onto them awful and with just a paper towel, all that burnt mess just wiped away. On, the Cancer thing …I guess the longer you have non-stick pans, that Teflon coating chips away and we ingest it, and that can’t be good. And since cooking in Teflon non-stick is the only unhealthy thing I do (sarcasm), hellooooo 100th birthday, here I come.

man-sleeping-blue-bedphones-smallBedphones: I’m embarrassed to say (but only slightly embarrassed) that I’m on my 5th pair and their known flaw (the left side will stop working) isn’t a deterrent to me. For almost a year, I’ve been using just the one-ear version I have to listen to Podcasts or music at night. I love these things because they’re so lightweight and they sit on the outside of the ear like a mini on-ear pair of headphones. Their whole thing is they lay flat on your ear so you can sleep in them and they won’t jab into your ear like an ear-bud, and they’re not big and bulky like on-ear and over the year headphones. I’m not alone …sometimes I have trouble sleeping and it’s because my mind races and thinks of a million things at once, so if I fire up a book-on-tape about the life of Albert Einstein, lemme tell ya …I fall asleep fast. My fall-back always is, however, if that I still can’t sleep, I’ll learn a heckuva lot about Albert Einstein and insomnia won’t be a waste of time. However, I set the sleep-timer for a half-hour and I never hear much more than five minutes of whatever I’m listening to. Bedphones saved my life – I’m not exaggerating.

Now …enjoy a quick video about the pans.

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