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“I Love Don Week”, Day 2

Can you believe it’s already Day-2 of “I Love Don Week”? I found myself outta town and without Wifi and unable to blog, yesterday, the official Kick-Off of “I Love Don Week.” But my wife did not forget it was the start of “I Love… Continue Reading ““I Love Don Week”, Day 2″

I Love Father’s Day

I’m famous for my birthday lists (detailed during the “Month-of-Don” and “I-Love-Don-Week”) and Christmas wish-lists. Today, I announce the creation of another gift-giving guide – my “Father’s Day Shopping Guide.” It’s important to have lists, as a father, so some renegade child or wife… Continue Reading “I Love Father’s Day”

I Love Don Week, Day 5-6

This has been an eventful week, mainly because I have a whole new group of people who are now aware of “I Love Don Week.” And ya know what, I think some of them like it. Some of them think it’s the most ego-maniacal… Continue Reading “I Love Don Week, Day 5-6”

“I Love Don Week” Day 4: The List

Real quick …Day 4 got off to a great start with 3 pairs of underwear. Wait, wait, wait …I won’t be talking about my undergarments, I’m just sayin’ …I needed new underwear and got new underwear. For those following along, my “I Love Don… Continue Reading ““I Love Don Week” Day 4: The List”

I Love Don Week, Day 1-3

Can you believe it’s already Day #3 of “I Love Don Week” and I haven’t posted an obnoxious blog post listing all the things on my wish-list for my birthday? Luckily, for some strange reason, my family plays along with the “I Love Don… Continue Reading “I Love Don Week, Day 1-3”

Mid Year Resolutions

Readers of this blog know I much prefer Mid-Year Resolutions to New Year Resolutions. Mid-year is like half-time of a football game. You’ve had a chance to look at the year, you see how it’s trying to beat you, so you adjust and come… Continue Reading “Mid Year Resolutions”

I Love Don Day: My Birthday (And my Dad’s Birthday)

I share many things with my Dad. Among them, we share the same date of birth (today, July 11th, if you want to mark your calendar). I always used to ask him, “so, seeing as how I was born on your birthday, would you… Continue Reading “I Love Don Day: My Birthday (And my Dad’s Birthday)”

I Love Don Week: The List

Last night, one of the biggest fans of “I Love Don Week” was talking about how she feels horrible that this year hasn’t been special and she has almost zero ideas on what to get me. Usually, since this is day-6, I would’ve already… Continue Reading “I Love Don Week: The List”

I Love Don Week: I’ll Spoil Myself

Longtime readers of Don’s Ego (my former blog) and Kaleidoscopic Raygun know that the week leading up to July 11th is known as “I Love Don Week.” It’s a chance for the world to celebrate me. Buy me gifts. Shower me with praise. Tell… Continue Reading “I Love Don Week: I’ll Spoil Myself”

I Love Don Week: Me, Me, Me Monday

Sometimes, you gotta be selfish. Sometimes,  you gotta make a list of things you’ve been putting off (or avoiding) and stop worrying about the every-day commitments you’ve made, and the things you’ve defined as important (job, family, eating, sleeping, etc), and knock a few… Continue Reading “I Love Don Week: Me, Me, Me Monday”