Lent, Part 48

Today is Day-1 of my 48th Lent. Well, it might be my 44th …hard to believe I was giving things up in those early year, but let’s just say it’s Lent #48 for me.

I love Lent. For me, it comes at a perfect time to reflect on the New Year’s Resolutions I didn’t keep and hit the restart button. Oh, and there’s the whole “proud Catholic” thing. It’s about giving something up, starting something, and almsgiving (and I’m going to look up the definition of that word).

Who’s ready? Here’s what I’m doing…

  1. Nightly Rosary with my son
  2. Total fasting on Ash Wednesday and Fridays (not just “no meat” but no food …all day)
  3. Daily 30-30-30 (30 Push Ups, 30 Sit Ups, 30 Squats)
  4. Walk fast for 45-minutes daily
  5. Blog Daily and Write Daily (45-minutes)
  6. Journal a minimum of 15-minutes every day
  7. Read at least 10 pages of a book each day
  8. Reach out to someone I haven’t reached out to in a while each day
  9. Say something nice to my wife every day
  10. No S Diet (basically no sugar, no snacks, no seconds

There’s this thing my friend Nick always tries to get me to do …I’ve never been able to. It’s the #75Hard thing from Andy Frisella. It’s admirable. I think the only think I don’t like about it is the 2x 45-minute workouts and the daily picture. For me, after 2 weeks of the 90-minutes worth of daily workouts, all I can think about is, OK, I get it. I’ve carved out 90-minutes for exercise, but ya know what I really want to do? I want to finish writing my book. I want to turn the TV off and talk with my wife. I want to read more than10 pages of my book …like maybe I want to read for an hour. And I’m not trying to say anything bad about #75Hard …I commend those who do it. No doubt the people who actually do it and who don’t lie and don’t skip a day …they must feel pretty full of themselves.

Me? I’m gonna borrow the theme and wimpify it and say I’m doing the #46Hard (yes, “46” and not “40” because I don’t take Sundays off like some Catholics). There are 46 days until Easter.

Let’s go.

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