My 2022 Christmas Card Letter

I wish I could send everyone a copy of my ’22 family Christmas card and enclosed Christmas card letter, but postage stamps are expensive. Lucky you if I deem you worthy of .50-cents.

No, really. I’m a very lucky guy. I have so many people I consider friends. Former co-workers. Current co-workers. People at Church and parents I’ve met through my kids and school. When I say “friend”, I mean someone I would have no problem picking up the phone, calling (not texting), and saying, “I was thinking of you recently and just wanted to call and say ‘hi.'”

Maybe I’m an idiot and some of these people don’t even like me. But I don’t care. I like them and will call them. Sometimes out of the blue. For no reason other than to say ‘hi’ and see how they’ve been.

Unfortunately, Christmas cards cost money. Postage stamps cost money. Gotta draw the line somewhere – and believe me. It’s not easy.

I started writing my Christmas card letter 4 years ago (a sneaky beginning I didn’t tell my family about chronicled in my 1st Christmas card letter). I enjoy it. I like to think it serves as something entertaining and funny. Yet, something informative about my family, like I enjoy reading in Christmas card letters I receive from friends. And also something to think about …or at least I like to share something I’ve been thinking about and hope it connects.

Is my Christmas card show-offy? Um. Yes. A little. And I’m betting some people don’t even read them because a letter as long as I write is obnoxious (to some) …I realize that. However . . . if even just a few get my letter and like my letter (and my jokes), I’m good with that. And they serve as little time capsules for me, my family, and what we did that year.

Here’s my 2022 letter and if you’re reading this and not on my Christmas card list …do something amazing. Or do something super simple …like call me. Or even simpler … buy something for me on my birthday, Father’s Day, or for Christmas. Lots of ways to get my attention (and my Christmas card).

Or, just read the 2022 letter here.  And no that I appreciate you reading my Blog and, if we’re friends …your friendship.

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