2023 Will Be a Hair Triumph

Been a while since I Blogged about my hair (see above), but with only a few months until my 50th birthday, I need to get serious, again.

I’ve made some unfortunate decisions over the past few years with regard to my hair. First, the pandemic. I went with long hair. And when I say “long”, I mean modern-day Jason Batemen. On my 5′ 5″ frame, it just didn’t work. When I saw myself in pictures, all I could see was Peter Dinklage.  Next, when barber shops finally re-opened, I broke-up with my barber. Suddenly, my barber, once the home of an $18 haircut (+ $4 tip), raised their price to $30 (+$5 tip).  I get my hair cut every three weeks. 17 haircuts per year. My annual hair budget, not including the occasional between cut $6 clean-up, went from $374 to $595.

Enter Great Clips. $16 per cut. Sometimes less with a coupon or frequent cut discount. Problem is, though the women at Great Clips mean well, they don’t know me. They don’t know my hair. They use the clippers on the side. Never get the blend (going from clippers on the side to scissors on top) the same. Sometimes the sideburns weren’t even. Sometimes they just forgot to cut something and my head look lopsided.

I’m happy to report, I shopped around and found a new barber. A lifelong barber named Lan. A Polish guy. Knows how to cut a man’s hair. Well, my hair, at least.

My current woes are now my own. I made a bad call. I started telling him, “2 around the ears.  3 on the sides. Scissor cut on top.”  Each time I didn’t really specify how short “on top”.  Turns out, scissor-cut can get pretty short. Hence, my current butcher-job.

I look bald. My kids laughed at my. My wife made a profile on a dating App.

So, in 2023, I’m going to get a grown man haircut. No clippers on the side. Scissor cut all over. I accept I’m thinning. I accept I have more forehead and can’t do anything about. I’m not talking comb-over or comb-forward, but I’m just talking the-best-style-for-me.

I’m too old and don’t have enough hair to pull of Don Draper (Jon Hamm). And I’m not saying I’m going to look like 1980s John Davidson.  But I think there’s a happy solution.  It’s modern-day Will Arnett. And I have more hair than he does.

Stay tuned.

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