Project 50 (What I’m Calling My 2023 New Year’s Resolutions)

Here it goes! My New York Times Best-Seller. My Blog is about to BLOW UP! Oprah’s gonna have me on as a guest. What’s that? She retired!?!?! Poop.

No matter. I’m about to be known as that “Project 50 guy” and it’ll be a movement for guys turning 50, or in their 50s, who want a smart way to lose weight, be active, get healthy, and live at optimum health.

I turn 50 years old this year. This last year …ahem. Let’s not talk about it. OK? Just, well, let’s just say, it wasn’t a great year. I went backwards. Stupidly I scheduled my annual physical on December 27th, a month removed from Thanksgiving …after a month of sugar cookies, big holiday lunches, happy hours, and then my Christmas ham. My blood test, officially, said my blood type was “mayo” and my blood pressure, it was determined, could best be compared to a power washer.

It all changes, now.

Introducing “Project 50” where I figure out a way to get back into my 32-inch waist khaki Dad-pants and where I don’t recoil in horror at the site of myself shirtless in the mirror after my shower.

Dad-Bod is soooooooo mid 2000-teens. To coin a phrase (a new phrase, hopefully) . . . it’s time for Fit-Dad.

img_4133How does “Project 50” work? Pretty simple, really. Here are the rules…

  • Eat 50% of what I consider a “portion”
  • Do 50% more of any activity/exercise or “good thing”

Make sense? So if I usually have 2 eggs and a piece of toast for breakfast, my “Project 50” breakfast will be 1 egg and a half a piece of toast.  If I hit restaurant for lunch, I’ll eat HALF of whatever comes to my table. Same with dinner. Even tho my wife slaves away and makes good, healthy dinners …I fill my plate and then I usually go for seconds.

On the “50% more” part of this. If I’m going for a 2-mile walk …I’m gonna make it 2 1/2 miles. If I’m thinking I’ll exercise for 30-minutes …I’ll instead exercise for 45-minutes (adding 50% more time). If I usually drink a gallon of water each day? Now I’ll drink a gallon and a half.

If I see some crazy, insane fitness guy online doing a killer workout. I’ll do that same workout at 50% of the weight or 50% of the duration. Better than nothing, right?  I’ll do that #75Hard thing …but it’ll be #50Hard . . . or 37 1/2 Hard.

Mark my words …any man turning 50 this year, or in his 50s, who applies this to their own life …they’ll improve. I’ll prove it.

Who wants to join me on this journey?

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