For the Love of All Things Lost!

Any Catholics out there know which Saint is Patron Saint of Lost items? Or Patron Saint of Not Losing Things?

Here we go with round three of my clip on shades for my trifocal glasses. Co-worker A.B. laughs at my old man glasses and my clip-on frames, but she can laugh all she wants – I’m the hit of my Metal Detector Club.

I just can’t figure myself out. How do people not lose things? In the past year, I’ve lost my favorite thermal travel mug, my clip-on shades, my 6-iron, my golf glove, a set of ear buds, and my wallet. The wallet, interestingly enough, fell outta my pocket when I was working on the roof in the early spring of 2016, and then was found at Thanksgiving time when I went back on the roof to hang Christmas lights.

I’m sick of losing things.

Now. Behold the clip-on shades and we’ll see who’s laughing.

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