Goals for 2023 and Forever

I’m committing plagiary. Intellectual property theft. But not really. Matthew Dicks actually encourages his fans (and I am one) to do what he does.  Here’s what he does. At the beginning of the year he establishes a set of goals (ie New Year Resolutions) for the year, posts them on his Blog, then holds himself accountable.

“I recommend this to everyone.”  -Matthew Dicks

Then he posts an update monthly, quarterly, and annually. It’s inspiring. I’ve talked about doing it for three years. 2023 will be my attempt at it.  Matthew Dicks’ list is epic. Maybe he started that way. Maybe his list evolved. Mine will be a work in progress …hopefully decades of work and progress.

1: DON’T GET ALZHEIMER’S: Everyone has a phobia or fear. This is mine.

2: LOSE 20 POUNDS:  I don’t know how or when it happened, but this year wasn’t good. Gonna do this by (a) making dinner my smallest meal, (b) not eating/snacking/drinking in the evening S-Th, and (c) avoiding white foods (bread, sugar, pasta).  Cutting sugar and losing weight helps ward off Alzheimer’s.

3: 5-HOURS OF WALKING-PLUS-SPRINTING PER WEEK:  I speed walk. Most can’t keep up with me. I walk. I don’t run. It saves me knees, ankles, and back. Occasionally I’ll sprint until I can’t sprint another step, and then I walk again.. Jogging will injure you. Sprinting will not because you’re up on your toes and it’s low impact (versus a long job).  Exercise helps ward off Alzheimer’s.

4: LIFT WEIGHTS 3 TIMES PER WEEK:  I don’t know what this is going to look like long term, but right away I’m going to have a chest-back day.  A leg day.  Then maybe an abs day. I’m so weak and outta shape, I’m going to left weights 3 times per week without a real strict plan. Just throw weights around and shock my muscles, tendons, and joints. If I success, maybe starting February I’ll build a plan.

5: WRITE FOR 1-HOUR EVERY DAY:  I know what I have to do. I read Blogs about writing. I read books about writing. I listen to Pocasts with writing advice. Guess what they all say. Sit in your chair. And write. Period. That’s it. That’s what it takes. I can’t even pretend I’m a “writer” if I’m not writing. 2023 I’ll stop being afraid that I like to write. It always seems silly. Like, doesn’t everyone? And isn’t it a waste of time? I’m going to stop thinking that. Writing and journaling helps ward off Alzheimer’s.

6: FINISH 3 BOOKS:  This isn’t as far fetched as it sounds. I have 60,000 words done on a trashy novel.  Don’t ask. I have 40,000 words written on another novel which is kinda dark (actually very dark) and I always thought I would write a funny book, but damn if this idea didn’t start writing itself and then I stopped becuase I thought, nope, nobody wants a book like this from a guy like me. And I have 20,000 words written on a sales/motivation book. Gave up only because I was like, well, does the world really need another sales book? And then I read 3 in 2022 and thought they were good, even tho the books were just like a hundred other sales books I’ve read.

7: ATTEND 6 MOTH EVENTS WITH THE HOPE OF GETTING PICKED TO TELL A STORY: I did improv theater when I was young. I did stand-up comedy. Ya know what …both things are really, really difficult. Slightly easier and with an amazingling supportive (never heckling) audience is story-telling at Moth Story Telling events. I’ve performed at three. Won one. Performed at a Moth Grand Slam.  Was proud of my story even though I didn’t win. I like it. I feel great when I do it.  I’m gonna do it.

8: WRITE A LOVE LETTER TO MY WIFE EVERY DAY:  This goes along with my bigger resolution to stop reacting in anger, gaslighting, or patronizing my wife and family members. Not sure why I act this way with the people I love the most, so I’m ending the anger, gaslighting, and sarcasm. The daily love-letter will focus me.

9: LEARN HOW TO SUBMIT ARTICLES TO WEBSITES and MAGAZINES:  I like to write. I have some good ideas. I’m almost 50. I do some things (sales, hike, parent, stay-married) quite well. There are websites and eNewsletters and magazines I read and I think I could contribute something. Back when I did freelance writing, I got paid to write ghost-Blogs and actually ghost-wrote an entire book, so I know writing is hard and people need writing and writers. Gonna do it (or figure it out).

10: READ FOR HALF-HOUR PER DAY:  I need to read more. Reading novels with characters and storylines is good for the brain (wish I could reference the source on this one, but we all know it’s true). Reading self-help books in the morning is a good jump-start to a day.  But the most important benefit of reading is how it helps calm the busy, distracted brain. Forcing myself and getting good at focusing, reading, absorbing …all goes  Reading wards off Alzheimer’s.

11: FINISH DESIGNING A BOARD GAME WITH MY BROTHER-IN-LAW AND HIS FRIEND: My friend had an idea for a party game. He let me offer some help. We wrote questions. We wrote rules. We started building the board. We stopped. Why? Not sure. I don’t even care if it makes us rich. I just know it would be better than half the board games in my game closet and we need to finish it and then play it, troubleshoot it, hone it, take it to board game clubs, and see where it goes.

That’s good enough, for now. Matthew Dicks has 49 things on his list. I wasn’t there for his first list, but I hope it didn’t start with 49 things on it. The above, for me, seems inspired.  See you (or shortly after) February 1st with updates.

Coming this week on this Blog…

Jurassic World Makes Dinosaurs Cry

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