#Whole30 and #ResolutionADay

Oops, I did it again. I did the #Whole30 and once again I feel like Superman. It’s amazing what happens when a person stops eating packaged foods full of chemicals, added sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and that person eliminates alcohol, pizza, and pasta and that person eats only fruits, vegetables, and lean meats. That person loses weight, gets rid of brain fog, and if that person has Bronchiectasis (which I do), he’ll almost forget he even has a breathing problem.

Which brings me to my #ResolutionADay.

  •  Day40 Live and eat #Whole30 from Sunday 10:00am until Friday 6:00pm. That’s the majority of my eating life, but leaves room on the weekends for, oh, a few slices of pizza, a bourbon or beer (good beer …that’s gonna be #ResolutionADay Day 41), maybe a burger with a bun, some popcorn with a movie …ya know …just a little unhealthy eating and then discipline the other 128 hours of the week.

Look out, world, when I start doing more than walking briskly in the morning.

p.s when I’m in my Friday-evening-to-Sunday-morning eat-bad window, I’m not going to be a glutton. I don’t need 4 slices of pizza and 6 breadsticks. Just because I’m in my cheat window doesn’t mean I’m gonna two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and wash it down with Oreo Double Stufs and a glass of whole milk. Still moderation.

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