Self-Improvement Stuff, Part 5: #RESOLUTIONADAY 2021, Day-4

When one of my #ResolutionADay® ideas is to spend 15-minutes a day on my Blog, and when I’m also trying to create a movement and attract followers, suddenly, even if I write exclusively about #ResolutionADay®, I get my 15-minutes logged.

I know, I know …you’re all waiting for me to update you on my sleep quality and how my BLUblox blue-light blocking glasses are changing my life. I’ll talk about that tomorrow but here’s the short version – they’ve changed my life. I fall asleep quickly. I don’t wake up at night. And I wake up before my alarm clock. 

Today’s Day4 of #ResolutionADay® and I’m still keeping it pretty simple. Keeping with the basics. And when you’ve got 300+ more days and resolutions to do, it’s OK to make them simple.

Here’s what I added Day 3 and Day 4. And just like that, we’re off and running and my life is getting better by a little bit every day.

  • #ResolutionADay®, Day 4: Reduce Coffee Intake to 2 Cups Per Day (all before 9am) – This is a big one because caffeine messes with your sleep. I’m obsessed with sleep and the restorative powers. I think it’s the most important of all the self-help, health, and habits. If nobody’s written a book called It Starts with Sleep, maybe I’ll write it.
  • #ResolutionADay®, Day 3: Drink 1-Gallon of Water Per Day
  • #ResolutionADay®, Day 2: Read for a Min. of 15-minutes each day. (2/6/2021)
  • #ResolutionADay®, Day1:  Spend 15-minutes #Blogging each day. (2/5/2021)

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