Friday Free-for-All

Welcome to Friday and the newest thing on the Blog …my Friday Free-for-All. It’s a rapid fire look at the week that was, highlights from the Blog, stuff coming up on the Blog, and other tidbits that maybe don’t get an entire Blog entry.

Yes, I used “free-for-all” and “tidbit” so if you’re under the age of 40, do a Google search and learn what those mean.

I’m officially 1-week into 2022 and my New Year’s Resolutions are intact. Phew. I don’t know if I’m ready to re-try my Resolution-a-Day, but the 5 things I promised myself for 2022 …so far so good.

Weekly Blog Highlights

Two highlights this week. I’m really loving my new skin-care adventure. I got new soap from Duke Cannon and a new facial care line-up from Harry’s. I feel like when people see me an my complexion, their smiles are a little bigger.

Gave out a little advice on how you look at your work-life balance and it’s all about numbers and math. The math, actually, tips in favor or your “me time” and your personal life. If you feel like you’re “always working” and that work is taking over your life and you don’t have any time to yourself …think again and read this.

Coming Up on the Blog

Next week, I’ll talk about some of the ways I’m a hero, the book I’m writing, and some great Podcasts you should have bookmarked or be following. I’m going to get sentimental and talk about my kids. I guess I used to Blog about that and, it turns out, my daughter sometimes, when she can’t sleep, will scroll through my old Blog entries. And …I’m bringing back my #ProjectNUMBER …which is me doing things in increments of the age I’m about to be. This year, I turn 49 …so it’ll be things like “49 minutes of reading a day” or “49 minutes of exercise a day” or “49 days straight of ___________” (like writing, Blogging, or not-drinking). This year, however, marks another milestone … my 25th wedding anniversary, which gives me another #ProjectNUMBER.  Can’t wait to document and put-in-motion both #Project49 (for my birthday in the middle of the year) and #Project25 (for my 25th wedding anniversary). Lots of numbers …just like the time-management Blog entry I linked above.

Grab Bag

In my never-ending quest for the perfect night’s sleep, I’ve reworked my chemical intake …

  • Upon waking, wait 1-hour before my first cup of coffee / no more than 2 cups of coffee per day and none after 10:00 a.m.
  • More fish oil (I’m taking two tablets versus one …I’m up to 2,000mg daily)
  • No snacks in the evening after dinner (and lower my portions at dinner)
  • Tsp powder magnesium, tsp MCT oil, and tsp Green Vibrance, at bedtime mixed/blended into 6 oz chocolate almond milk
  • BluBLOX glasses from 9:00-11:00 p.m.
  • Eyes closed at 11:00 p.m. / eyes open at 6:00 a.m. (7 hours sleep …and hopefully I can keep working at it and making it uninterrupted)

I’m designing a board game with another game-playing nerd. Well, he’s a nerd. I just love games and tricked him into thinking I’m creative. Hopefully before the end of the year I’ll be telling you all about it and giving you the opportunity to order it.

Yellowstone. I understand why everyone likes it. And I watched all four seasons. And I’ll probably watch the fifth season. But it sucks. And I hate it. Every character is loathsome. The plot is ridiculous. The most impressive thing about it is Kevin Costner tricked someone into paying him and giving him a huge budget to live in Montana and ride horses. I’ve never hated Kevin Costner more than I do today.

The Bachelor is back. Should I start recapping it here, since Spunkybean is no more

That’s all I got. I would embed Ted Nugent’s “Free for All” but I think I would invite hate. Oh, bring it. I’ll take hate if it means readers and Comments.

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