Here’s my new thing, and you can make it your thing, because if you do and Twitter fills up with hundreds of people all Tweeting a #ResolutionADay, I’ll feel like I’m making a difference in this world and at cocktail parties when people ask what I do, I can say, “I invented #ResolutionADay”.

Being able to tell people about it, and then to act offended when they say they haven’t heard of it, that’s really all I want out of it.

No, actually, I want to prove it can be done and that I can actually improve myself a little every day for a year. Maybe it’ll become a movement. Maybe it won’t. But at the end of the year, if I really have made a daily resolution, I will be a better person and my life will be better.

Yes. I’m starting pretty far down and have nowhere to go but up, but eventually I’m going to have to really get creative.

Are you still not understanding how it works? Read my How It Works and FAQ sections to learn more.


Every day, make a resolution. Examples of my first 8 days are below. Do it in private in a journal. Or, post it on Twitter with hashtag #ResolutionADay and we can support each other and encourage each other (and I can brag to people at parties about my cult …er …movement. Which is the whole point. My ego. Right?)


Q: Why should I do this?

A: Oh. LIke you can’t improve in any way ….la dee da. Look at you all perfect.

Sorry about that snippy answer. I guess I know what a future #ResolutionADay will be for me …be more patient with people.

OK. Who’s with me? Below are my first 8 days.

  • Day3 Phone and iPad OUT of my bedroom and off my bedside table at night. Gonna be tough because I use audio to lull me back to sleep when I wake in the middle of the night. Maybe I’ll have my player on the nightstand instead.
  • Day4 Pray the Rosary daily. This is my form of meditation. I will have family in friends in mind and pray for them. I will talk to God and ask for guidance. I will clear my mind. See? Like
  • Day5 30Minutes of exercise and/or activity every single day, even if just a very fast power walk. Need to get my heart rate up, break a sweat. But I actually want 60 minutes a day exercise.
  • Day6 Wake up at 5am. No snooze. Period. No matter how late I stayed up the night before. Just gonna wake up at 5am right when my alarm goes off and my clothes will be downstairs (so I don’t have to hunt in the dark for everything).
  • Day2 Floss every day. It’s science. People who floss daily live longer, are healthier and have better cardiac health.
  • Day7 Journal and do each night as the last thing I do before bed. Part of my routine like brushing my teeth and drinking a glass of water or taking my magnesium supplement.
  • Day8 Make a new resolution each day. So in 2019 I’m going to improve myself by 365 little things. So what if I didn’t come up with this until Day8

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