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5-Minute Blogging – What Is the Impossible Dream?

7:48 a.m. – Start I wonder if I should take my 5-Minute morning blogging to Tumblr or Medium because I want this blog to be about me, my birthday, and to be a place where I post my more polished and finished writing projects? Because, what… Continue Reading “5-Minute Blogging – What Is the Impossible Dream?”

Things I’m Doing: 44 Days of Ties (Day 16)

I’m trying some new things with my writing and my social media …namely, I’m going to start using Tumblr a whole lot more. I can’t find a ton of people to follow on Tumblr, but if you leave your Tumblr blog URL in the… Continue Reading “Things I’m Doing: 44 Days of Ties (Day 16)”