Things I’m Doing: 44 Days of Ties (Day 16)

I’m trying some new things with my writing and my social media …namely, I’m going to start using Tumblr a whole lot more. I can’t find a ton of people to follow on Tumblr, but if you leave your Tumblr blog URL in the comment section, I’ll follow you. Want to follow my Tumblr blog. Well, click here …and thank you.

I think I’m going to make Tumblr a place where I post all my license plate photos, tie photos, and other random stuff and links to my writing, and then from there I’ll branch out to spunkybean, Kaleidoscopic Raygun, and other stuff. I’ll call it ‘how I write.’

Today’s tie is Ralph Lauren and it’s the only thing I own that’s Ralph Lauren or Polo. If you’d have asked me in 1988 if I’d ever imagine my future wardrobe void of Polo or Ralph Lauren, I would’ve popped my collar, taken off my white framed sunglasses, and I would’ve said “hell no” in a totally tubular way.

And a final piece of business …I’m excited for Survivor to start tonight and I pre-judged all the contestants and made some predictions over thar at spunkybean. Join me for a season-long recapping adventure full of opinions, observations, and ideas for how to best construct your audition video for getting on Survivor.

Follow me @donkowalewski or ‘Like’ my pop-culture TV page, spunkybean: Or follow my Tumblr blog.

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