Things I Love: Vacation, Blurry Memories

I’ll be brief here, folks …I’m angry. And dumb. And being dumb and angry is no way to go through life. I’m angry because the video you are about to see looks like I’m still taking pictures with my 2.0 Megapixel  CoDack (correct, an unknown brand, but it was cheap). I’m angry at Nero for selling me video editing software without directions. I’m angry because after all this time I’ve never gone to Nero’s website and watched any sort of tutorials. I’m angry because Nero made software that looks like I want it to look, but doesn’t really perform the tasks I want it to.

I’m dumb for all the same reasons.

I spent many hours this weekend pouring over this silly little slideshow, and given my past productions (The 50th Anniversay Slide Show) …I know I possess the brilliance to make a simple slideshow with music. I feel like Tiger Woods. Not because I have 28 mistresses, but because I know somewhere buried inside me I have at least a little computer literacy (as Tiger has golf ability) and I’m struggling.

And I don’t have $2,000 for an iMac.

But because I want the 5 or 6 people who read my blog to keep reading (actually, I’m up to almost 38 unique visitors and 12 subscribers), I’m going to post this video anyway. It also sets me up for a future post when I re-cut this thing. I’ll call it Vacation Memories Remastered.

Does anyone have a suggestion on better video editing software for a Toshiba laptop?

The music used for this slideshow may seem odd. And lyrically …I agree. However, my good friend Jeff gave me a CD of the Spartan Dischords and my kids LOVE it. It’s an a capella vocal group at Michigan State University, and Jeff’s son Chris is a member. Great CD and if you like a capella singing, even a little, go to the Spartan Dischords site and buy “Better than Nothing.” This particular track is Track #19 and includes outtakes. I say again …outtakes. Because if you listen to this and nothing else, you might come away thinking, “wow …those Spartan Dischords aren’t very good.” Trust me …they are GREAT. Listen through to the end and their recreation of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers theme song. My kids love that part and the other funny stuff in this track leading up to it.

My only regret is how nice the audio is …I had hoped I could get it to sound like an old record player to go along with the pixelized photos.

Much more to come all week including “name Don’s salsa company” contest, Don writes other stuff, new blogroll friends, and all the great content you’ve come to love about Kaleidoscopic Raygun.

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