My Blog (Before)

Say good-bye to Kaleidoscopic Raygun as you know it.

And get ready for a Blog that will act as my creative portfolio, a resource for my clients, a landing page for my writing, and pretty much “my brand” (or “Brand Don”). 

Karl Gude

Earlier this week I had the good fortune to be invited by Professor Karl Gude to guest-lecture at his super-cool Media Sandbox. It’s a HUGE class with 500 enrolled students and I would guess 400 of them were in attendance to watch me speak. I spoke for about 40-minutes and then answered about 15-minutes worth of questions which included me singing a commercial jingle I had written at one point in my career, and telling two of the jokes I could remember from my stand-up act from 14 years ago.  I hope the horrible singing and the un-funny stand-up material didn’t detract from what I thought was a somewhat interesting lecture.

The lecture was on evolving media with an emphasis on journalism, I talked at length about radio, and then I tried to mix in some life lessons about making bold moves and realizing that sometimes a “bold move” can be nothing more than showing up or introducing yourself to someone.

After my lecture, some students came up to me and asked me questions about my job, about switching careers, and someone asked me, “how can I make my Blog blow up.”  I gave out all sorts of advice. Some pretty good advice, I might add.  But …then I drove for an hour and half back home and the entire time I was thinking, hey, ya know …I don’t actually take my own advice.

This is not just me saying it. This is my friend Nick G., this is my friend Dave A., and my friend Word (that’s what we call him). This is everyone saying I should “do this” or “do that” and my mind hasn’t ever really believed “this” or “that” was realistic or was anything more than a fantasy.

That is not what I told the 400 kids at MSU on Tuesday, November 13th. Nope. I told them “dream big” and “make bold moves” and for a Blog to “blow up” it needed to have daily posts about one thing and should be supported with an active Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, and email blasts. Every Blog, I said, should be a Podcast, even if that Podcast was simply on SoundCloud.

I was channeling my inner-Gary Vaynerchuk. But I’ve never actually done the things I was telling these kids to do.

Chances are, you know what you want to do and you might even know what you should do to make it happen, but you’re not. 

Why not? 

Follow me on my journey, OK. Or take the steps with me.

Step 1 …make my Blog more than just a collection of funny posts about coffee and my amazing hair.

What’s your Step-1?

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